The axtparts part management system was developed to keep track of parts and components in an engineering development environment, and allow design documentation to be produced (BOM) utilising the parts. It supports a range of features suitable for use by both hobbyists and professionals and is easily deployed on a LAMP server using a web client as the user interface.

The axtparts Part Management System is written in PHP and is deployed on a LAMP server. The pdf document describes the installation, operation and various features available. The package can be downloaded as a single tar.gz file for location on the server using the download link provided here.

axtparts documentation (pdf) axtparts package download

Screen shots of the parts management system are shown here. Full details are contained in the pdf document.


Parts page view

Datasheet view

Part category filter

Part category management

Component view

Part stock view

Assemblies view

Assembly documents view

Assembly BOM view

Printable assembly BOM

Address Book view

Address entry page

Admin tab view

Search tab view