This simple module can be linked to provide one of two stereo changeover functions. The first option is polarity reverse, where the balanced hot and cold signals of both channels are reversed. The second option is stereo channel reverse, where the left and right channels are swapped.

The changeover module connection topology can be seen in the connection diagram below. Here it is coupled with a string of bypass modules to provide a stereo effect bypass system with L/R and polarity changeover controls. The last two modules in the string are the Changeover modules. One is configured for polarity reverse and one is configured for L/R swap functionality.


Module usage block diagram




















A single 5VDC power rail is required, for the signal relays. This can be a small 5VDC plug pack power supply.


APRM-1 circuit (pdf) APRM-1 BOM (pdf)
APRM-1 pcb (pdf) APRM-1 Connection Diagram (pdf)


The module has a 2 pin connector for a LED, and a 2 pin connector for the changeover control switch, which is wired simply so that the pin pair is shorted by the switch when the changeover is required. When off, the module defaults to regular signal chain and the LED will be off.


Module populated PCB unpopulated