A single positive rail output PSU, designed for applications such as phantom power supply (when used with the HV version of the regulator).

This PSU module is based around the LM317 positive 3-terminal linear regulator and may be used where a single supply rail is required (eg +12V, +6V, +5V etc). I use this module when lamps, logic, relays or LEDs need to be powered using a separate power supply that the one used for audio circuits.

PSU-7 Circuit (pdf)  PSU-7 BOM (pdf)  LM317 Data Sheet (pdf) 
PSU-7 PCB (pdf)    


The bridge rectifier is made using discrete diodes for simplicity. The input filtering capactior can be an axial type (for lower profile) or an upright style as required.

Component values may be changed to accommodate a range of output voltages for different applications. In the image below, the PSU-7 is being used with the HV version of teh LM317 to provide a stable +48V rail for microphone phantom powering applications.


PSU-7 48V option