AXT Systems

Stereo VU Meter
Stereo VU Meter Front View
Stereo VU Meter Rear View
This two-channel VU meter was made using the VUM-3 module with two BIM-3 balanced input modules and a PSU-12 power supply module. It includes a front panel calibration control.

It was housed in an aluminium frame enclosure half a rack width and 2RU high. I used a 2RU aluminium panel cut in half to make the front and rear panels.

The rear panel has two channels of input and output XLR sockets (the inputs are bridged directly to the outputs) allowing it to be placed inline with the output bus.

An internal mains power supply using a PSU-12 module was used. 

A simple timber sleeve was built to enclose the chassis after construction.
Two large Kyoritsu VU meters (with internal rectifiers) were using for this unit, however any VU meter should suffice.

If your VU meter of choice does not have internal rectifiers then you can add these to the meter terminals using some schottky or germanium diodes in a bridge configuration.

The Kyoritsu meters did not have internal lamps so I added 4 warm white SMD LEDs to provide some scale illumination. They are not high-brightness LEDs since the objective was to provide soft illumination for use in dimly lit situations.
Stereo VU Meter Internals