AXT Systems

OSM-2 Stereo Output Switch Module
ISM-2 Module
The OSM-2 is a stereo balanced XLR output module that provides for switching of the unbalanced stereo signal to a pair of balanced XLR outputs.

It uses the THAT1646 balanced line driver to balance the signal after it is switched using a small signal relay.

The module is powered with a bipolar supply (+/-12 to 16V) using a power supply such as the PSU-12, and has a separate driving voltage for the relay, which is usually 5VDC, but could be 12VDC is 12V relays are fitted.
It measures 55mm x 48mm and is panel mounted directly using on-board XLR sockets. The XLR spacing is on 25mm centres.

Controllers such as the ASCM-2, ASCM-3 or ASCM-4 can be used to switch the module or it can simply be controlled with a switch if required.