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ISM-2 Stereo Input Switch Module
ISM-2 Module
The ISM-2 is a stereo balanced XLR-in module that provides for switching of the stereo signal to an unbalanced output bus.

It uses the THAT1250 balanced line receiver to receive the input signal and convert to an unbalanced signal for switching. This preserves the CMRR presented from the input cable and associated driving impedances.
The module is powered with a bipolar supply (+/-12 to 16V) using a power supply such as the PSU-12, and has a separate driving voltage for the relay, which is usually 5VDC, but could be 12VDC is 12V relays are fitted.

It measures 55mm x 48mm and is panel mounted directly using on-board XLR sockets.

Controllers such as the ASCM-2, ASCM-3 or ASCM-4 can be used to switch the module or it can simply be controlled with a switch if required.