AXT Systems

ASCM-3 Audio Switch Control Module
ASCM-3 Module top view
ASCM-3 Module bottom view
The ASCM-3 is a simple small MCU module for controlling the ISM-2 and OSM-2 audio switch modules with illuminated pushbuttons and includes a mute button option to disconnect all outputs to monitors.

It features controls for up to two ISM-2 input selector switch modules and up to four OSM-2 output selector modules, allowing a variety of configurations.
The MCU used is a Microchip PIC16F628 and the firmware source is provided below. A HEX file is also provided in the firmware zip to allow programming directly into the device without having to compile the code first.

The module is powered from a +5VDC rail and has the option for accept another external voltage (Vex) to power the LED indicators in the pushbutton switches (which could be 12V). This is selectable as 5V or Vex onboard.

The ASCM-3 module measures 58mm x 60mm.