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1176LN Compressor Build
1176LN Kyoritsu
1176LN Flashstar
This information was compiled to detail the construction of a dual 1176LN clone based on the mnats 1176 Rev J PCB.
Parts of the circuit were simulated to test component substitutions and allow slight modifications to provide 6:1 and 10:1 ratio selections.  Details are provided on FET matching and also the effects of mismatched resistors in the input amplifier circuit on CMRR specs.  A 5Meg linear pot proved somewhat difficult to obtain locally, so an alternative using a dual 2Meg pot is shown.  The PSU-8 module was used for the power supply to both the audio (+30/-10) and the meter lamps and relays (+11.5V).  A gain reduction disable module was used to convert the SPST switch on the attack pot to a SPDT switch as required by the circuit.